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Now that you’ve absorbed all the great training above, if you feel you’re ready to STEP UP and move forward with becoming a media magnet then apply now. My programs are designed to help you get the guidance and RESULTS that you desire to get publicity.

Dr. Renee: "The Media Opportunities Are

Already Pouring In!"

Sivonnia: "Within ONE month of working with Stacia,she booked me on WGN-9 News, a National platform!"

Keelie: "I couldn’t believe how easy it was to become a media star overnight!"

As a chef and 

nutritionist, Eric was 

featured on WGN, and FOX. 


He used his media attention to partner with Marvel to 

create a series of comic 


As the founder of the 40+ Double Dutch Club, Pam has been featured on ABC, CBS This Morning, 

WGN, Windy City Live, The Jam, and in Oprah Magazine.


She has used her media 

exposure to attract the 

attention of celebrities & movie producers, and will be featured in an upcoming documentary.

As a mosaic mural artist, Carolyn has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as numerous publications.


She has used her exposure to garner high-paying contracts and lucrative awards.

As an attorney, 

author, and business owner, Sivonnia was featured ABC, CBS, and WGN.


She used 

her media coverage to 

attract high paying 

speaking engagements and 


As the Regional Director of 

Total Life Changes, a direct sales company, Cara was featured on ABC.


She then used her authority to attract new clients and become 

a top seller in her field.

As a Chef trying to make his business more visible, Eric had to say the following about working with SRM.


"I really appreciate the magic you worked within such a short timeframe.


One thing that I can say about Stay Ready Media is you always deliver."

Patrice and Justin were featured on ABC, FOX, and WCIU after starting an educational YouTube channel for African-American kids.


They used their media exposure to attract a major network to develop their show.


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